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School, but flexible.

Driving children to school five days a week can be challenging for many parents. Athena Hybrid Academy condenses in person instruction time to only two days per week. The other three days are for homework at home. With our schedule you get the benefit of in person instruction without the burden of having to commute to school every day. On the in person days we handle all teaching and support time. The at home days are for reading, writing, worksheets, videos, and other practice activities.

Take back time with your kids. Take back time for kids to be kids. Take back joy and living a well-rounded, fulfilling lifestyle. We will give your child exceptional IQ and EQ skills by delivering an education unparallel to what you have been offered before. You are free to make a different decision. Honest. I've done it. We will help you transition to a better option.

Tika Haake, Owner & Founder

Athena Hybrid Academy

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