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About Athena

The Athena Hybrid Academy specializes in delivering an advanced, classical education in the humanities, maths, and sciences for a part-time or full-time schedule.  These courses can be taken for homeschooled course credit, which are eligible to transfer to your public or private school. Our small class size and a more holistic, personalized approach may be just what your teen is looking for to once again thrive in their academics. Athena allows customization and character building...


Benefits of Athena

In recent years more and more parents are looking for alternatives to high school education either out of necessity due to covid shutdowns or out of their teens needs whether social or academic. The Athena Hybrid Academy offers benefits by blending both traditional homeschool and private school by offering...

Athena's Diverse Curriculum

Our program includes full instruction of English, Humanities, Math and Science courses,

along with many independent electives offered by Schoolhouse Teachers. Core and electives are offered at Athena for full 1.0 credit or half 0.5 credit.

Some course topics include US History - The Spirit of 1776, The Bible (independent of any denomination), Algebra, Geometry, Holistic Health & Wellbeing, Anatomy of Hatha Yoga... and much more!


Want to learn more about how we can help your teen?

The Athena Hybrid Academy offers a hybrid high school education that combines aspects of small class size private school setting, with the customization and character building of homeschool.  The Athena Hybrid Academy specializes in delivering a classical education in the humanities, math, and science.  The humanities include history, philosophy, literature, the Bible, economics, and more.  Math includes pre-algebra through calc and the science classes offered are biology, chemistry, physics, and nutrition.   

There will be a focus on developing the skills necessary for public life such as reading, writing, and public speaking.  As a society we have largely lost touch with the original purpose of higher ed which was to train the next generation of leaders in business, politics, ministry, etc.  It only takes a cursory glance at the modern world to see what happens when many of our leaders lack any grounding in these areas.  This program weaves the subjects into a whole to meet the desired aim: producing students who are well grounded in the values of the American Republic and can speak, write, and think.  Speech class will not exist independent of history class.  Decision making skills will be part of economics and so on to make a coherent whole.  

Our math and science courses are grounded in an engineering background, along with exploring the magnificence of God’s grand design. Math is taught in a clear and concise manner so students do not need a lot of time to understand advanced topics. These courses are also very foundational to learning the next so expertise in the prior is crucial to the success of the next course. Science courses will vary year to year, but will encompass biology, chemistry, physics, and more electives revolving around these topics for better understanding and greater depth in learning. 

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