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Choose from Part-time or Full-time schedule.

Watch an overview of our program given by our Director of Humanities, Alexander Kennedy.


We offer an array of high school level courses on a college type schedule that includes in person instruction 1-2 days per week for all core subjects: English, Social Studies, Math, and Science as well as electives. Some curriculum is developed uniquely on our own to cater to the values we foster at AHA, along with using Schoolhouse Teachers for math and science. 

Our classes are taught by our instructors and do not require parents to function as part time teachers.  Parents are encouraged to lend support and help students stay organized and up to date with assignments.  At AHA, our schedule is split between in person learning days and at home work days. We understand this independence will require a high level of maturity and responsibility from our students, so we ask parents to be sure this kind of educational opportunity is suited for their child. This level of independence will lead to more confident students that are prepared for a college style learning environment or employment during or after high school.  Our flexible schedule will give our students time to hold jobs, pursue passions, or have time to focus on athletic training during their time at AHA.  


Parents are responsible for maintaining their child's transcript.  If looking to have an AHA course count for credit at a public or private high school, please contact your counselor and inform them of the class you are taking at our homeschool co-op.  Inquire with them the steps needed to help credits transfer to your public or private school, and we will also help you with the process by keeping an organized portfolio of your child's work. We can also help keep in touch with the school counselors and can definitely be an ally to help you transition your teen into a part-time or full-time homeschooler.


We recommend the following as a template for contacting your counselor.  


​Hi, I am going to homeschool (name of student) in (subject) with the help of a our local homeschool co-op Athena Hybrid Academy. I will submit the curriculum details along with the transcript when it has concluded. Please let me know if there is anything else you need for transfer requirements.


Thank you,

(parent name)

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