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Your child is welcome to go to school part-time and supplement courses for possible credit with your public or private school. Legally, your child will be considered homeschooled for the courses you take with Athena by the state of Illinois, and you would be in charge of retaining their transcript to submit to your school. If you are seeking credit for graduation, we have to submit the course to your high school for review to be accepted credits for graduation. Occasionally, the school may ask your child to take a proficiency test, but rest assured, our students complete our courses on a more advanced level.


If you live in Oswego, IL, the sd308 district does accept unaccredited courses (like ours), but you would have to provide the necessary paperwork to submit the course for review as stated above. Athena teachers would provide course details for you our Director of Math & Science, Tika, is a homeschool mom who has already been through this process with the registrar's office at Oswego High School. Tika is also a member of and a recognized teacher of the HSLDA, a homeschool legal defense organization that protects homeschoolers in achieving alternative education for high school credit requirements. The HSLDA passionately advocates for the freedom to homeschool and offers support for every stage of your homeschool journey. When you work with Athena, you will be considered a homeschooling parent and it would also benefit you to become a member of the HSLDA. It is helpful to know Illinois has some of the best, most supportive laws protecting homeschooled credit hours for transferring to your high school for graduation.


The Athena Hybrid Academy is a homeschool consultant or tutoring center and we do not intend to pursue accreditation for our courses at this time. Schoolhouse Teachers is also an unaccredited educational learning platform. Why? Well, not only is it an expensive and lengthy process, but it could result in less flexibility and independence from the state in how to teach our courses. Athena is not receiving state funding or accreditation from ISBE, which makes it easier for us to offer education that does not include CRT, SEL, or DEI.  

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