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Why study English and Social Studies (collectively known as the Humanities) 

The purpose of a humanities education is not simply learning to read and write but developing yourself as an individual.  A proper humanities education ennobles the student and helps to constitute them in such a way as to enable them to go forth into the world to reach their full potential and in so doing improve the broader society.  Culture serves as the ark that shelters us through the floods of life.  The courses below are designed with this mission in mind. 

The humanities courses will be taught in an integrated fashion with the courses blending together for a richer academic experience.  Literature selections will relate to history class.  Speech class will draw on the information taught in the above classes and so on for the various subjects. Integrating the classes allows for superior time management and skill development to maximize the intellectual development of students.  In the world after school, everything is integrated.  

SUMMER & FALL SCHEDULE (registration is open for all courses)

2023 Summer Semester 1: June 12- June 30                          2023 Fall Semester Begins: Monday, August 21st

2023 Summer Semester 2: July 10-28                                   2024 Spring Semester Begins: Monday, January 8th


Online and in person options available.  Inquire about referral discounts. 


Full Year Course- 1.0 Social Studies Credit  

History grounds you in time and place.  Without history, you are just floating, adrift in the sea of time.  Students in this class will learn about why our founding fathers created this country and the values embedded in the Constitution.  The subsequent centuries witnessed the struggle of the people to preserve that Constitution as various world events threatened its survival.  This class is ideal for parents who want their children to be raised with the spirit of 1776. 

Required Reading: John Perkins -  Confessions of an Economic Hitman


Full Year Course - Combined 0.5 Core Social Studies + 0.5 Consumer Ed Credit

Students will learn the basics of personal finance and investing, along with technical analysis in reading charts, identifying trends, using Fibonacci and pitchforks, and the Elliot Wave.  A demo brokerage account will be set up during the class that students can utilize after the course as well.  In addition, students will participate in a macro investing simulation that spans the last century.  This class is fun, engaging, and very hands-on.  Students will learn to think in terms of probabilities, not certainties, and develop plans for various market environments.  

Required Reading: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre


Full Year Course - 1.0 Credit 

World War I serves a paradigm shift in world history.  This course will educate students in world history from that event forward into the modern age.  Special topics of interest include the world wars, eugenics, the post colonial impact on the Cold War, 9-11, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and more.  Inquire about the two year history track to avoid repetition in curriculum.  

Required Reading: Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins (depending on track) 

 ENGLISH 1, 2, 3, 4  

Full Year Course - 1.0 Credit 

Literature shapes culture.  In this class we will examine the relationship between government and the rights of the people.  We will start with the oldest book on statecraft, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and work our way up to literature like 1984 and Crime and Punishment that offer us dire warnings about the dangerous paths mankind can go down when we forget the grounding principles of Western civilization.  This class will also teach grammar as well including written and oral presentations.  The ability to communicate clearly is vital to success.  Students will learn to write well structured paragraphs and essays.

Required Reading List: 

  1.  Sun Tzu- The Art of War free audiobook

  2.  Book Niccolo Machiavelli- The Prince free audiobook

  3. Book- Thomas Paine- Common Sense free audiobook  

  4.  Play- Sophocles- Antigone 

  5.  Movie- John LeCarre- The Tailor of Panama

  6.  Play- William Shakespeare- Julius Caesar  

  7.  Book- George Orwell- 1984

  8.  Movie- Cormac McCarthy- No Country for Old Men 

  9.  Book- Fyodor Dostoevsky - Crime and Punishment

 10. Movie- The Lion King- 1994 version


One Semester Course - 0.5 Credit - Elective

Students will learn about the idea of God and the patterns of creation in the book of Genesis.  The patterns recur throughout our daily lives and provide a framework for interpreting the world around us.  Having this background will improve critical thinking and problem solving skill sets.  In addition, there will be a focus on public speaking.  Creation occurs via the Word after all.  Students will give four oral presentations throughout this class.


One Semester Course - 0.5 Credit - English Elective

This course will teach students how to write rap in the style of Eminem, NF, J Cole etc.  Rap is incredibly dense with poetic devices.  Students will learn to analyze rap as well as write their own.  Disclaimer: There is some mature language and content within the lyrics of raps we will analyze.  The three above artists are the only ones contained in the curriculum. 



One Semester Course - 0.5 Credit - Social Studies Elective

This course focuses on key issues of the day facing our Constitutional Republic and is presented from a conservative/populist perspective.  Students will learn about big pharma, globalism, the history of progressivism and eugenics, banks, cultural Marxism, and big tech and related oligarchs.  Students will read, watch documentaries/films, analyze, research, present, and discuss.   

Required Reading: Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb 

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