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Letter grades will be given.  The focus for the student should be less about preoccupation with the letter grade and more about making improvement over the course of the class.  Do not be alarmed with low grades at the beginning.  All this means is there is room for improvement.  

A= excellent, few errors, high quality work

B= very good, some errors but the overall work is on point

C= acceptable, more errors but the message gets across

D= the assignment was completed but the errors detract from the work

F= the assignment was either not done or was off point

Cumulative grades will be done quarterly so Q1 will have no bearing on Q2.  



Student attendance will be taken for accountability on scheduled days.  If a student is absent, work will be posted online.  In the event of instructor absence, Friday may be reassigned to a group for that week or online materials will be posted. 

Behavioral Expectations

We are located in an office building.  Behavior must comport with a traditional office setting and be respectful of the other businesses located within the building.  The AHA is not responsible for supervising students.  Students may use our office during their lunch hour.  The office may or may not be supervised during the lunch hour.  



The AHA believes parents and students should make their own, informed medical decisions.  Please also understand if your child has allergies, they should independently take responsibility for their health.


Attendance Expectations

Class is only held two days per week.  It is vital that students attend.  Attendance will be taken and low attendance could be a factor in determining whether to retain a student for the subsequent year.  


Homework Expectation

The majority of assignments will be completed at home on the home days.  Students are expected to have assignments in on time.  Parents should check in with their student(s) to make sure work is being completed.  

Office Hours Expectations

Office hours are by appointment to facilitate the best experience.  Office hours can be in person or a call.  Check with your instructor for preference.  



The AHA reserves the right to expel students for disruptions to the learning environment.  For most instances, interventions will be attempted first.  For severe infractions, expulsion may be immediate.  If paying yearly and expelled in semester one, you will have semester two refunded.  If paying monthly, you will be required to pay for the end of the current semester.  


Dress Code

The AHA does not have an official dress code.  We encourage students to dress in a presentable fashion.  


Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones should be silent at our office.  


What to Bring to Class

Students should bring the following to class: laptop, calculator, writing utensil, notebook.  


Late Work

We do not accept late work for a grade.  If you are sick or on vacation, please contact us for an extension.  


Curriculum Policy 

By signing up for AHA, you are acknowledging your consent to our curriculum.  A list of major novels and films is provided in advance to give you an idea of what types of books and movies we will be using. We are training students to be successful in life.  There are dark sides of life which will be discussed and analyzed.  We are not in the business of sheltering.  Students who complete our program will not be naive in the ways of the world and will be armed with the knowledge needed to thrive.  Failure to complete assignments will result in a zero.  


Records and Transcripts 

It is the responsibility of the parent to maintain your student’s transcript.  We will provide you a copy of the syllabus at year end outlining what was covered.  We will supply you with grades quarterly, but we do not maintain a record of grades beyond the academic year in question.  The AHA does not issue transcripts, placement recommendations, grades, or letters of recommendation to outside parties.  Instructors may give personal letters of recommendation at his/her discretion. The AHA does not disclose copies of placement tests.  

Refund Policy

We do not give any refunds or credits for purchased courses or missed classes. The only time a refund will be given is if a course is cancelled due to low signup.  

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