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Benefits to Hybrid Learning

In recent years more and more parents have become interested in homeschooling either out of necessity due to covid shutdowns or out of social or academic concerns from their teen.  The Athena Hybrid Academy offers benefits over both traditional homeschool and private school.  Many homeschool parents begin to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of content or management of the material at the high school level and feel the need for experienced teachers or tutors. Another drawback to homeschooling on your own is your child may feel isolated from peers and alone for most of the day.  The academy offers socialization and group support.  

Benefits over private school include the more tailored approach the academy offers.  The humanities courses are woven together to offer a comprehensive education that is oriented towards the vital skills of reading, writing, public speaking, critical thinking, and decision making.  Students also learn the independence and responsibility that college and the workplace requires during their homeschool days where it is the responsibility of the student to be productive and accomplish the assigned tasks.  The academy is also significantly more affordable than most private high schools and is priced more in line with what private school costs in the junior high years.

We will provide your child with:

  • College/work readiness

Many students struggle in their first year of college or at work when suddenly every hour of the day is not regulated and they have to manage their own time.  

  • Independence and time management skills 

Being at home for work days teaches students to manage their time effectively.  The class days serve to hold the student accountable for their work and to provide support and structure which won’t be there in college.  

  • Flexible schedule for work or other pursuits 

It will be easier for your student to hold a part time job than it is for students in traditional schools.  

  • Cheaper tuition than a traditional private school 

Private high schools are often five figures and near double what we are charging.  

  • The academy is not a part of any bureaucratic hierarchy 

We are not a part of any religious organization like most private schools are.  The buck stops with Alexander and Tika.  We do not take marching orders from any outside agency.  

  • Freedom from the culture of the state 

We will not be teaching CRT, SEL, DEI,, or sex ed.  

  • Real World experience

We will have some field trips and possibly even a larger, extended educational and volunteering opportunities in the coming years.  Our curriculum will also be tailored toward teaching students how the world functions.  Students will not be naive after the end of our program and will have the tools to function in the real world.

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