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Athena Hybrid Academy offers part-time academic education to complement or replace public, private, or homeschooled courses. Students receive an advanced instruction and individual tutoring in core or elective courses they choose. Athena's small classroom educational model is perfect for students looking to:

  • Graduate early

  • Learn instruction in a smaller classroom

  • Build expertise in a particular subject area

  • Free up some time for Social/Sport/Work activities

  • Enjoy school with a more classical, personal approach

  • Take Summer School 

Athena's educational model is designed to build expertise,

IQ & EQ intelligence, and readiness for college and career success.  

Spaces are limited. Please share our FLYER with friends and family and sign up together!


Students can earn core course credits for the whole year at Athena. English & Humanities will be offered in the AM and Math & Science in the PM. Students will have to begin their day at public school later or leave earlier for Math & Science. This is a good option for students looking to increase their expertise in a particular class, or are looking for an alternative style that resembles a more traditional, personal school experience. 


Homeschool students can take select classes at AHA and independently homeschool other subjects.  This option is perfect for parents who are seeking an in person teacher for certain subjects. 

summer school

Students can get ahead by taking high school required courses for credit with small classroom instruction. This option is very useful for those students trying to graduate early, increase their expertise in a particular subject area, or trying to re-take a class for credit needs.    


The following disciplines will be covered in the program in an integrated fashion.   

  • U.S. History

  • Rhetoric/public speaking

  • Investing/economics 

  • English

  • The Bible independent of any denomination 


Science will be explored with a math application.  Courses we are offering:

  • Biology

  • Nutrition

  • Chemistry

  • Earth Science

  • Physics

  • Quantum Mechanics

  • STEM

  • Exploring God's Grand Design


A strong mathematics foundation can prepare your child's mind for better decision making as it provides a framework or "circuitry". The goal is to make connections between the information presented so you have a solid mental framework for decision making. Courses covered include:

  • Algebra I

  • Algebra II

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Calculus

A Young Man in the Library
Chemistry Class
Solving Math Problem

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